alias the king
name [r e d a c t e d]
d.o.b. unknown
gender female
job stuff ceiling-warmer
species human**
race caucasian

height 5'4"
weight 145
eye color blue-green
hair color white
body type lithe, thin
noteables bird-shaped birthmark on the back of her knee

sexuality ---
marital single
familial deceased
apprentice none current

clothing button-up white blouse, black slacks
shoes ballet slippers or dress shoes
hair style left down, usually
A nameless woman that's silent and fairly sweet-seeming is one to be suspect of. But one is never too sure. The King is, however, a woman that does find actions to speak louder than words. She prefers using her body to speak to others, but she talks if she needs to. Her trust in many is low, but she does seem to enjoy wanting to befriend people.

The King is a wind mage and she's very proficient in it, having a plentiful amount of mana or energy to perform such magic. But when it comes to being able to take hits, she seems to be frail. Thin as she is, she can wolf down food as good as a full grown healthy man could. However, her eating habits aren't entirely known since she rarely ever eats in the prescence of others.

As for living habits, she's tidy and leaves really nothing behind. But there isn't much that she has in her inventory, for much of what she once had was too ruined to keep or was destroyed with the application of the curse that makes her linger still. However, there is a bird that stays with her at all times. A big black bird with dark mohagony eyes, ever-so-watching and close to its owner at all times. It's half her height with wings almost double its size, but it is indeed friendly enough.
The Forgotten King